Tuner Wedding // Columbia, TN

I loved documenting Brent and Katie’s wedding day a few weeks ago.  It was a simple and elegant day filled with their closest friends and family.  One of my favorite parts of the day, besides all the love going on, the amazing decorations, great food, and awesome fellowship was the fact that the wedding was on her parents property nestled in the hills of middle Tennessee away from everyone and everything.  I also need to add that her parents bought the property in the 70s and built their house and barn themselves!!!  How cool is that?!?! The whole experience was so intimate and beautiful and a wedding I was proud to be apart of.

5-2-15 Turner Wedding web-2

5-2-15 Turner Wedding web-35-2-15 Turner Wedding web-4

5-2-15 Turner Wedding web-5

5-2-15 Turner Wedding web-65-2-15 Turner Wedding web-75-2-15 Turner Wedding web-95-2-15 Turner Wedding web-105-2-15 Turner Wedding web-135-2-15 Turner Wedding web-14

5-2-15 Turner Wedding web-17

5-2-15 Turner Wedding web-34 5-2-15 Turner Wedding web-32 5-2-15 Turner Wedding web-31 5-2-15 Turner Wedding web-30
5-2-15 Turner Wedding web-28 5-2-15 Turner Wedding web-27
5-2-15 Turner Wedding web-25 5-2-15 Turner Wedding web-23 5-2-15 Turner Wedding web-21
5-2-15 Turner Wedding web-19

Booking Family Mini Sessions // Nashville, TN

mini sessionsfbHey Nashville peeps. I will be in town very soon. Just letting you know I will be booking family mini sessions on Saturday, February 28th in the afternoon in Downtown Franklin and have a few spots left! $150 for a 30 min session. You will receive 20-30 high resolution images and the rights to print. $50 deposit when booking. Email me if you are interested. meganleighhill@gmail.com.


Eleanor’s Complete Baby Bump Series

Our second daughter Eleanor was born December 20th, 2013.  Since December I have been updating folks about my belly bump series and photos of Eleanor on my facebook account and personal side project Blooms in June but thought I would share my entire series here.  I have been slowly getting back into the swing of things and trying to get back to our “normal life” but I have found that there is no going back to what use to be and now we are trying to find a new normal.  Juggling photoshoots, childcare, video shoots, editing, changing diapers, changing sheets, and cleaning is a lot of work.  No wonder there is an established “maternity leave” in our society.  When I had Ada I was blessed to have 16 weeks of maternity leave.  This time around I am working for myself so I started back working around 6 weeks and never really got that “maternity leave” because I had Ada to take care of as well.  Bless those who have multiples, lots of babies and toddlers running around, or go back to work full time after 6 weeks.  Those women are strong.  I haven’t had a ton of time to blog and post my latest photography work besides on my photography facebook account but I thought I would take a few minutes and post my entire Belly Bump Series.

Week 18blogfinal

Nashville, TN

Week 19final_blogupdate

Nashville, TN/ Pedestrian Walking Bridge

Week 20 HERO web-1

Fon du Lac, WI

Week 21 HERO web-1

Chicago, IL

Week 22 HERO web-1

Franklin, TN

Week 23 HERO web-1

Houston, TX / Art District

Week 24 HERO web-1

Thompson Station, TN

Week 25 HERO web-1

Nashville, TN / Nashville Zoo

Week 26-final-web

Franklin, TN / My Parents House

Week 27-web-blog

Brentwood, TN

Week 28-web-blog

Destin, FL

Week 29-web-blog

Brentwood, TN / Our Bedroom

Week 30-web-blog

Nashville, TN / Baja Burrito

Week 31 small-4 final

Franklin, TN / Cool Springs Galleria (Halloween night)

Week 32 small-8 final

New York City, NY / Bryant Park

Week 33-8 small final

Brentwood, TN

Week 34 HERO web-1

Brentwood, TN / Our back porch (First snow flurries of the season)

Week 35 HERO web-1

Nashville, TN / Edwin Warner Park

Week 36 HERO web-1

Nashville, TN / Opryland Hotel

Week 37 HERO web-1

Brentwood, TN

Week 38Nashville, TN / A friend’s apartment overlooking downtown


Tim and Diana Sneak Peak

I just love working with my friends.  I feel like I say that all the time but I have been so blessed to work with so many friends and family over the years.

Diana and I have been friends for 8 or 9 years now.  We went to college together, go to church together, worked together, lived together, vacationed together. . .  We have shared a lot of great memories together and I am so honored that she asked me to photograph her wedding.  There were so many great photos it was hard to choose just a couple to post.  Can’t wait to post more later.  Tim and Di – you are awesome and I wish you nothing but the best and lots of happiness!  Love you guys!

Gillian Wedding lores-8

Gillian Wedding lores-11

Gillian Wedding lores-4

Gillian Wedding lores-6 Gillian Wedding lores-7

Gillian Wedding lores-9

Gillian Wedding lores-12

Gillian Wedding lores-14

Gillian Wedding lores-15

Gillian Wedding lores-16

Gillian Wedding lores-17

Gillian Wedding lores-18

Edith Pearl | Newborn Session

I am so thankful for friends and family and photography client referrals and sweet families and newborns!  Edith Pearl is my friend Katie’s beautiful baby girl.  Katie as I post these photos I am praying for this sweet baby girl and all the lives that will come in contact with her and all the things she will accomplish in her life.  Praying for her generation and the future.  Thanks for inviting me into your home.










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