Busy Summer Here I Come . . .

So I’m really excited about everything that will be going on this summer. I have a couple weddings, several families, engagement photos and modeling photos that i will be taking this summer. Now that i think about all of that at one time- I get a tiny bit overwhelmed and really excited. Tomorrow i am taking my cousin’s 2 year pictures- which i am really excited about. He is adorable. I also plan if I have time to grab his brother and sister, dress them up in crazy “dress-up” outfits and get them acting goofy.

Sunday I am taking photos of a co-worker and her 3 nieces and nephews. It’s going to be a birthday present for her brother- which is a great idea. I plan on getting photos of the four of them together but also some of the kids by themselves. I know her brother will love it- I am also sure his wife will love his birthday present probably more than he will.

I met with Holly a few days ago. I am shooting her wedding in a few weeks. I am really excited about this wedding. Holly is super sweet and ready to get hitched! I think we found a cute park by the church to take photos at before and after the wedding. I’m going to go scout it out soon.

Alright- talk to you later! I will have lots of photos to post next week. I’m excited that i will be putting this blog to good use!

To all my blogger friends who are dedicated to their blog work- I commend you! Hopefully one day I will be as great a blogger as you. =)

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