Little Theo | Birth Photography

Three of my favorites things were in the same room about a month ago.  The Reeder’s, childbirth, and the opportunity to take photos and video.  Annie and I met as young college students and have been apart of each others lives through many life milestones: from weddings to 4 children being born between the two of us.  We have worked together, been apart of bible studies together and just lived life together since about 2004.  Proud to call Annie a friend and so grateful that I was able to document her most recent child’s birth.  I was unable to attend her last birth because I was in labor giving birth to our daughter Ada.  Olive and Ada were born 12 hours apart on May 15th 2011.  One more event bringing us closer together.

Theodore Orion Reeder was born at home late June 25th.  Josh was an excellent birth partner and husband and Annie was peaceful and brave.   I am so thankful I could be there.  I love you guys and look forward to our beautiful future together.

Baby Reeder #3-1

Baby Reeder #3-2

Baby Reeder #3-3

Baby Reeder #3-4

Baby Reeder #3-5

Baby Reeder #3-6

Baby Reeder #3-7

Baby Reeder #3-9

Baby Reeder #3-10

Baby Reeder #3-12

Baby Reeder #3-14

Baby Reeder #3-15

Baby Reeder #3-17

Baby Reeder #3-18

Baby Reeder #3-19

Baby Reeder #3-20

Melton Family

I just love this sweet family and am so glad I’m apart of their lives.  I can’t wait to watch Jon and Bethany’s kids grow up and look forward to the years ahead.  Thanks Melton’s for letting me photograph your cute family.

Melton Favorites-1

Melton Favorites-2

Melton Favorites-3

Melton Favorites-4

Melton Favorites-6

Melton Favorites-8

Melton Favorites-9

Melton Favorites-10

Melton Favorites-11

Melton Favorites-12

Melton Favorites-13

Melton Favorites-14

Melton Favorites-16

Baby Van

I went over last week to John and Stephanie’s house to take photos of their family and newborn baby Van. Stephanie and I actually graduated high school together and I had a great time catching up with her family. Just wanted to make sure everyone notices Van’s nursery. It should be in a magazine, or at least on Pinterest. Stephanie did an awesome job painting and decorating. Thanks again Steph for inviting me over to capture your little one. He’s precious and I love all his hair!

Van Holmes-1

Van Holmes-2

Van Holmes-3

Van Holmes-4

Van Holmes-5

Van Holmes-6

Van Holmes-7

Van Holmes-8

Van Holmes-9

Van Holmes-10

Van Holmes-11

Van Holmes-12

Van Holmes-13

Van Holmes-14

Van Holmes-15

Van Holmes-16

Van Holmes-17

Van Holmes-18

Van Holmes-19

Van Holmes-20

Ada Update

Here are a few of my favorite photos of Ada that were taken on my phone recently. Gosh she is the cutest. I miss her 30 min after she goes to bed and constantly sneak in to check on her. I think it’s probably because I am working during the day and only get a couple hours at night with her or it’s just because she is so cute and snugly to look at when she is sleeping.






Cole Wood: Newborn Photography

Chad and I have been friends with The Woods for almost 10 years now.  They had their third baby on our anniversary last year and I got to go visit them in the hospital and take a few photos.  I took these photos months ago but they are so sweet and special to me that I wanted to post them.  I can’t wait for Cole to get a little bigger so that he can play with Ada. He’s already a great friend because he shares his toys and never screams at Ada when she takes his stuffed Mickey.  Ada loves Mickey and Minnie right now! Anyways-  Brittany and Sam you have a beautiful family and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will be like.

Cole Wood-43

Cole Wood-9

Cole Wood-18

Cole Wood-23

Cole Wood-28

Cole Wood-38

Cole Wood-44

Sharing a little love

My little baby just turned one!  Sniff sniff.  I will be posting pics soon of her birthday party that is happening on Saturday but I wanted to share the cutest photo of her and her cousin Luke that I took earlier this week.  She loves Luke!


Look at that grin- Luke is making her laugh while Aunt Kim is holding her.


And here are a few photos of her I took when she was 11 months old.  I just want to say she really thought life was tough this day.  Only one nap does not do a baby good- especially if you are trying to have a photo session.  What were we thinking.  At least she is still really cute when she cries!  :)



It’s about to get personal on here!

So the big news is out!  It’s official.  Chad and I are expecting our first child in May.  We are really excited and slightly nervous.   Big changes are coming and I am ready!  So let the documenting begin.  Chad and I will be taking a weekly photo of my belly and since so many of my friends and family have wanted to see them I decided I would make this site a little more personal for the time being and post my belly shots here.  It’s weird to have my photo taken so I am still getting use to posing in front of the camera.  It’s good for me to get out of my comfort zone.   It makes me a better photographer as well.  All the shots you will see of me and my belly will be taken by Chad.  He is getting pretty good.  Hope you like them.

Here are Weeks 18, 19, and 20.

We threw a little party for my family and close friends when found out that we were having a girl.  We decorated the house and when everyone walked in they found out what the sex of the baby was.  It was a really fun night to celebrate with friends and family.  Here is a photo my friend Josh Reeder took of us that night.

Little Jacob

One of my best friends just had her second son.  She asked if I would take photos at the hospital, newborn shots, and design his announcement.

It was so cute seeing Jacob’s big brother be so concerned for his little brother.  He wanted to hold him the whole time and make sure everyone was gentle with him.

He was also very concerned for Mommy and wanted to make sure she was ok.  Crystal you make great babies!  😉

Welcome into the world little Jacob.  You are adorable and loved by so many people.

A whole lot has been going on

Jessica and Andrew’s adorable engagement photos.  Andrew proposed to Jessica on this very dock! 


Baby K and her very cute handmade-by-mama Halloween costume.


Sweet baby Jack!  Cant wait for your little brother to come.

p.s. Isn’t that hat the cutest thing ever!  It makes me just want to squeeze him . . . but of course all he wanted to do was have me chase him.

No hugs for Megan.  I got it at H&M if you were wondering.

Where the Wild Things Are

If you haven’t seen Where the Wild Things Are I would recommend it for the awesome soundtrack and beautiful shots.  It really makes you want to go run out in the woods, yell, and play.  I shot these photos a few days before I saw the movie but as I was processing them later in the week I immediately thought of the movie.  I love these kids and I love how completely different their personalities are.  Thanks Felicia for coming back to me over and over again- I love watching your kids grow up and of course hanging out with you! 😉

Kids October 09-7

Kids October 09-1

Kids October 09-2

Kids October 09-4

Kids October 09-5

Kids October 09-3

Kids October 09-8

Kids October 09-9

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