Meet the Goscha Family . . .


Meet their little man . . .



Meet the family’s newest addition . . .


more baby-2

more baby-1


Holly, thanks for inviting me into your home to capture your family.  I had a great time!  You have a beautiful family.



My sweet cousins

I took these a while ago and never posted them.  I have to say- these are some cute kids!  =)  Beware I have a lot of favorites.

We went to some great locations- The Carnton Plantation and a secret spot that my Aunt showed me.  Maybe I can take you there sometime. 😉

Kids 08-6

Kids 08-8

Kids 08-10

Kids 08-11

Kids 08-18

Kids 08-33

Kids 08-35

Kids 08-50

Kids 08-49

Kids 08-59

Kids 08-61

Kids 08-45

Growing Up

All I can say is I love this family.  They are fun and have the cutest kids.  I have taken photos of this family 4 times now.  I love these-  Here are the newest ones I took a few weekends ago.  We tried to go for a more edgy/ non traditional look this time- I think we did a great job considering the fact that a 9 month old and 3 year old were involved.  Thanks again Felicia for being an awesome friend and client!

Weishaar Family-1

Weishaar Family-3

Weishaar Family-7

Weishaar Family-4

Weishaar Family-5

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