Week 36

I will admit- I am running low on time and energy trying to finish up this series!  I am feeling pretty good for the most part- I can’t complain.  We will take Week 38 photo tonight.  Oh man- the time is getting so close and sometimes seems like it will never get here.  Baby’s room is almost complete, I am wrapping up work at the office, finishing up last minute freelance photos and videos,  getting ready for my sister to graduate college this coming Saturday, and finishing up the planning for a big event I am helping put on that is happening this coming Monday (which i am really pumped about).  I just need to make it to next Tuesday the 10th.  We can do it!  Here is Week 36 and hopefully I can catch up soon and post 37 and 38 this week as well.

Week 34

The Invisible Children Screening went really well this past Friday night.  We had a great turn out and lives were changed because of the event.  Everyone worked so hard to put the event on and it was a major success.  Big thanks to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to come.  Here is a photo of Chad and I with the IC team- they were an amazing group to work with and I am honored to know them.

Here is my Week 34 photo.  I am now 36 weeks and hope to get caught up soon on the posts.

Week 33

This Friday night, April 15th, the organization Invisible Children will be at our church, Brentwood Church of the Nazarene, at 7:00pm and will be showing their newest documentary about the work they are doing in Uganda. After the documentary, Evelynn will be sharing her story of how Invisible Children impacted her life while growing up in Uganda.  Our good freind Caleb Maitland will be playing a concert later on that evening.  Childcare will be provided.

This organization is dear to my heart and they are really changing the world. I would love it if you would come out this Friday night and support this great mission and the children of Uganda.

Friday, April 15th


Free event, free childcare, free Starbucks coffee and snacks.


______________________WHO IS INVISIBLE CHILDREN? _____________________

We are story tellers. We make documentaries about war-affected children in east Africa and tour them around the world.

We use the power of media to inspire young people to help end the longest running war in Africa. Our model has proven effective, and hundreds of thousands of people have been called to action through our films and the volunteers that tour them.

We are made up of a tireless staff, hundreds of full time volunteers, and thousands of students and supporters. We are young, we are citizens of the world, we are artists, activists, and entrepreneurs. This fall, we are using our voice to ask President Obama to spearhead efforts to bring peace to Northern Uganda. We are mobilizing a generation to capture the attention of the international community, and make a stand for justice in the wake of genocide.

But our work extends far beyond storytelling.

With the support we receive from our tours and young supporters, we are able to implement cutting edge programs on the ground in Uganda. To prioritize and understand the needs of the community, our Uganda staff is 95% Ugandan. We focus on long-term development, working directly with individuals and institutions, to best understand the needs of these war-effected areas. We rebuild schools devastated by war, benefiting over 8,400 Ugandan youth in the areas of water and sanitation, books and equipment, refurbishment of structures, teacher support, and technology and power. We provide 690 scholarships to specifically chosen secondary students and 180 full ride scholarships to University. We employ mentors that holistically oversee healthy development for our students. We have also implemented micro-economic initiatives that are impacting 360 Ugandan’s in transition from internally displaced camps to their original homes as well as 13 formerly abducted child mothers who are now self-sufficient through our tailoring center that provides training in savings, investment, numeracy, literacy and health. These savings-and-loans initiatives have allowed villagers to save money and earn interest for the first time, freeing them to start their own businesses and provide for their families like never before.

We believe that the problems of central Africa need to be tackled comprehensively, from peace to education. Solving them is no easy task, and it will take all of us doing all that we can to ensure it. Join us in the race for peace.

_________________________FOR MORE INFORMATION_____________________

Brentwood Church of the Nazarene
584 Franklin Rd, Franklin, TN 37069

Watch the trailer for the Documentary Invisible Children will be showing.

Invisible Children Website

Caleb’s website

Week 32

Chad and I had the best time in Destin.  It was so nice to get away and just be by ourselves for a few days.  Our friends Josh, Annie, and Simon ended up coming down the same time we were down there so we also had a blast meeting up a few times to hang out.  I’ll post a few photos from our trip later.  Here is the anticipated (late) belly shot.

Week 32


Week 31

Wow My stomach is looking large!  It’s really crazy.  We are heading to the beach after church today. Can’t wait.  Next week’s photos should be fun.  I think we are going to spice things up and take them on the beach.  We will see if it works.

Week 30

We had an appointment with our midwife this week.  Everything was great and right on track.  The baby is also in the right position for birth.  Hopefully she will stay like that- we are trying really hard to keep her it the right position to prevent back labor.  Who knew there were stretches and ways to sit to keep your baby in the optimal fetal position to prevent back labor.  It was also good to figure out where her head, feet, and butt were.  That way when I see a strange bump poking out of my belly I know it’s her little butt sticking out.  We have gone to a couple birthing classes now and are really learning a lot.  Chad is getting really into it.  It’s exciting for us to both be on the same page and be so passionate about something together.  It’s our new hobby.  In other news, we are going to the beach next week- and I can’t wait.  I have been longing for the beach since we left it in July.  It’s been too long.

Willow made another appearance this week.  She just cant stay away from the camera.  It’s really funny to see her slowly make her way closer and closer to me while we are taking the photos.  She craves attention- she is in for a rude awakening.  :)

I was looking through some old photos and came across this one.  It was fall 2008 when we first got Willow.  We took her to our nephew’s birthday party.  Man we all look so young.


Week 29

So the big news this week was that we got new carpet.  Not a fun process at all but thankfully I have great friends and family that came over to help us pack up everything which made everything so easy and fast.  I didn’t realize how amazing new carpet is.  It’s like getting into bed with clean sheets multiplied by 100.  Now there is no excuse for me- I have to get started working on the baby’s room.  No more procrastination.  Paint is done.  Carpet is complete.  Now I need some good ideas.

Here is Week 29.

Here are a few photos I have found online for some inspiration.  What do you guys think?

I cant remember where I found the photos above but my sis sent me this blog and it provides some great home decorating inspiration.  That’s where I found the photos below.



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