Week 28

Every week seems to be a whirlwind. This one was no different.  Chad and I did go as sponsors on our youth group’s ski trip.  I was looking forward to having a lot of fun with them and getting to know the youth group better, but I was a little anxious about the 8 hour van ride and hanging out with 30 teens all weekend.  We had a blast and I was reminded how awesome our youth group is.  They are great kids and have huge hearts.  I love being apart of their lives and am so thankful I felt good enough to hang out with them this trip.  Who knows how many trips like this I will be able to go on in the next couple years.

Chad and I in West Virginia on the ski trip

Our awesome youth group

Week 27

This past week our little one, who is the size of cauliflower, has been kicking so much it is starting to hurt.  I think I am going to be blessed with a very spunky, active, little lady.  Even when we were having our ultrasound at 20 weeks she was moving so much it took 2 hours to measure everything and figure out the sex.   I can foresee that come May I will have 3 “wild childs” in the house.  Our new little one, our dog Willow, and my lovely husband Chad.  :)  At least we won’t have a boring home.

Week 26

Man, time is going by so fast.  I can’t believe it.  My belly feels so huge and then when I look at these photos I feel like I am being a little dramatic about my belly size.  But it really does feel huge.  Besides getting out of breath when I walk up steps and the big ball in my stomach that makes it hard to bend over I still feel great.  Fingers crossed that I keep feeling this good.

Week 25

I just finished another crazy week of directing video shoots all week.  I am so thankful that I have been feeling so good.  I definitely am exhausted by the end of everyday but I am so lucky that I am able to keep up with the hard work load.  I also finished up editing my last wedding from this past year.  I am officially caught up on all photography work.  Yeah!

In other news, I have been having a hard time cutting back on my photography shoots.  I have so many friends and great clients that want me to capture their family or their special day.  I have had a really hard time saying no, and still can’t say no sometimes- but I have to slow down and take a break with my photography until August.  It’s one of my goals and something that must happen.  I just love working with my friends and past clients so much it’s hard to say no and recommend someone else.  I think making myself write this will hold me accountable- hopefully.  :)

This weekend we begin the process of decorating the nursery.  Big thanks to my mom for making me not procrastinate any longer.  If it were up to me the room and the curtains would stay the same and we would just take out the guest bed and add a crib. I want to get excited about decorating the nursery but I just feel like I don’t have the time or energy to put effort into it.  The baby won’t know what the nursery looks like.  :)  So anyways we are painting this weekend.  A nice non-girly light Grey.

On to the anticipated Week 25 shot.

Week 24

This past week was a blur.  I directed several video shoots and finished up a couple photo shoots to send out to clients.  Our baby did develop some strength this week.  Lots of kicking and punching- I’m guessing those kicks are only going to get much stronger.  I am still not use to the idea that something is living inside of me.  Sometimes it’s sweet and sometimes it feels like a scary movie.  Most of the time it’s sweet.  :)

So here is to Week 24.  You were a busy but great one.


Week 23

So much happened this past week.  The little squirt was moving so much, I had my first shower that some lovely friends put on for me at the office, and I attempted to buy my first pair of maternity pants-  Gross!  I’m taking them back and sticking to a rubber band around my button to add an inch to the waist until I cant stand it anymore.  So anyways here is Week 23- she is the size of a large Mango- Our little Mango.  It’s still really weird to to compare our baby to a fruit but it’s also so helpful to visualize how big she is.  We are about to move out of the produce section for now.  I think only a pineapple, pumpkin, and watermelon can still compete.

Week 22

So this is a little late . . .  maybe an entire week late . . . but I promise it was shot on the right day.  😉  I will be posting Week 23 this week as well.  Enjoy!

Week 21

It’s bittersweet having my “LAST” of everything in anticipation of the arrival of our baby girl.  Last birthday, last Christmas, last New Year, last vacation as a couple.  I want to fit as much in as I can because I know everything is going to be a little bit more crazy and maybe a little bit harder come May but then I think about how we will then celebrate all of our “FIRSTS” together.   First baby’s birthday, first Christmas together, first family trip- I get excited.   Happy New Year to everyone!

It’s about to get personal on here!

So the big news is out!  It’s official.  Chad and I are expecting our first child in May.  We are really excited and slightly nervous.   Big changes are coming and I am ready!  So let the documenting begin.  Chad and I will be taking a weekly photo of my belly and since so many of my friends and family have wanted to see them I decided I would make this site a little more personal for the time being and post my belly shots here.  It’s weird to have my photo taken so I am still getting use to posing in front of the camera.  It’s good for me to get out of my comfort zone.   It makes me a better photographer as well.  All the shots you will see of me and my belly will be taken by Chad.  He is getting pretty good.  Hope you like them.

Here are Weeks 18, 19, and 20.

We threw a little party for my family and close friends when found out that we were having a girl.  We decorated the house and when everyone walked in they found out what the sex of the baby was.  It was a really fun night to celebrate with friends and family.  Here is a photo my friend Josh Reeder took of us that night.

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