Edith Pearl | Newborn Session

I am so thankful for friends and family and photography client referrals and sweet families and newborns!  Edith Pearl is my friend Katie’s beautiful baby girl.  Katie as I post these photos I am praying for this sweet baby girl and all the lives that will come in contact with her and all the things she will accomplish in her life.  Praying for her generation and the future.  Thanks for inviting me into your home.










Reagan Uram | Newborn Session

Check out this cute little guy that looks just like his daddy!  Reagan loved being outside and is so loved by all those who surround him, even his doggy Bauer.  Chad and Stephanie, I am praying for this little babe and all the lives he will touch and all the adventures his future has in store for him.  May he always be blessed with love and support and an awesome family.

Reagan Uram-10

Reagan Uram-9

Reagan Uram-8

Reagan Uram-6

Reagan Uram-12

Reagan Uram-1

Reagan Uram-16

Reagan Uram-14

Reagan Uram-13

Reagan Uram-17

Reagan Uram-20

Reagan Uram-27

Reagan Uram-26

Reagan Uram-25

Reagan Uram-21

Reagan Uram-28

Reagan Uram-23

Little Theo | Birth Photography

Three of my favorites things were in the same room about a month ago.  The Reeder’s, childbirth, and the opportunity to take photos and video.  Annie and I met as young college students and have been apart of each others lives through many life milestones: from weddings to 4 children being born between the two of us.  We have worked together, been apart of bible studies together and just lived life together since about 2004.  Proud to call Annie a friend and so grateful that I was able to document her most recent child’s birth.  I was unable to attend her last birth because I was in labor giving birth to our daughter Ada.  Olive and Ada were born 12 hours apart on May 15th 2011.  One more event bringing us closer together.

Theodore Orion Reeder was born at home late June 25th.  Josh was an excellent birth partner and husband and Annie was peaceful and brave.   I am so thankful I could be there.  I love you guys and look forward to our beautiful future together.

Baby Reeder #3-1

Baby Reeder #3-2

Baby Reeder #3-3

Baby Reeder #3-4

Baby Reeder #3-5

Baby Reeder #3-6

Baby Reeder #3-7

Baby Reeder #3-9

Baby Reeder #3-10

Baby Reeder #3-12

Baby Reeder #3-14

Baby Reeder #3-15

Baby Reeder #3-17

Baby Reeder #3-18

Baby Reeder #3-19

Baby Reeder #3-20

Baby Van

I went over last week to John and Stephanie’s house to take photos of their family and newborn baby Van. Stephanie and I actually graduated high school together and I had a great time catching up with her family. Just wanted to make sure everyone notices Van’s nursery. It should be in a magazine, or at least on Pinterest. Stephanie did an awesome job painting and decorating. Thanks again Steph for inviting me over to capture your little one. He’s precious and I love all his hair!

Van Holmes-1

Van Holmes-2

Van Holmes-3

Van Holmes-4

Van Holmes-5

Van Holmes-6

Van Holmes-7

Van Holmes-8

Van Holmes-9

Van Holmes-10

Van Holmes-11

Van Holmes-12

Van Holmes-13

Van Holmes-14

Van Holmes-15

Van Holmes-16

Van Holmes-17

Van Holmes-18

Van Holmes-19

Van Holmes-20

Cole Wood: Newborn Photography

Chad and I have been friends with The Woods for almost 10 years now.  They had their third baby on our anniversary last year and I got to go visit them in the hospital and take a few photos.  I took these photos months ago but they are so sweet and special to me that I wanted to post them.  I can’t wait for Cole to get a little bigger so that he can play with Ada. He’s already a great friend because he shares his toys and never screams at Ada when she takes his stuffed Mickey.  Ada loves Mickey and Minnie right now! Anyways-  Brittany and Sam you have a beautiful family and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will be like.

Cole Wood-43

Cole Wood-9

Cole Wood-18

Cole Wood-23

Cole Wood-28

Cole Wood-38

Cole Wood-44

On this very special occasion

Last week we celebrated Ada being one month old (I cant believe it) by going out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Burger Up.

We have a chunky baby on our hands.  She knows how to pack on the pounds!

Happy One Month Miss Ada Tomata!

Yesterday was Chad and I’s 4 year anniversary and we all went out and celebrated.  We had a great time just hanging out around town.

Happy Anniversary babe!  I love you so much.

Perfect timing

I always said I would be late to my child’s birth because I feel like I am late to everything.  A characteristic I have been working on.  Well Miss Ada didn’t let us be late.  She came on her due date.  I had just about the perfect pregnancy, semi perfect labor (everything went so smoothly- I just had horrible back labor the entire time) and now a perfect baby.

Here is a quick recap for those who haven’t heard.  My water broke at 5:30am Sunday, May 15th.  My contractions started within 30 min and within 2 hours my contractions were about 4-5 min apart and really intense.  I was looking at Chad asking “Isn’t this suppose to be the easy part?”  I had no time to mentally prepare myself, eat a light snack, or even get dressed to head to the hospital.  The contractions were so intense because of my back labor and because they were coupling (one contraction on top of another before the first one ended- no breaks!)  I couldn’t do anything.  I started getting nauseous and vomiting so we decided go ahead and head to the hospital so I could get something to make the nausea stop.  We had what seemed like the longest car ride ever!  Got lost in the parking lot and went up the wrong elevators.  We looked like something straight out of a movie.  Chad was carrying his bag, Ada’s bag, my birthing ball, our pillows, the camera bag and I was following behind him trying to roll my suitcase, wearing who knows what with wet hair because I had tried to take a shower when I had first started contracting.  I would stop and just squat where ever we were when a contraction hit, try not to make too many weird noises and make the innocent bystanders uncomfortable.  It took all I had not to throw up right there in the elevator.  I wish someone had taken a photo of us.  We were a mess.

We arrived and my sister was there waiting on us.  She rubbed my back as I stood over a trash can while Chad checked me in.   It was a long, extremely hard process and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing partner.  Chad knew what to do the entire time, helped me cope with the pain, encouraged me when I was asking for an epidural, and communicated to others to make sure everyone knew what I needed and wanted- especially when I couldn’t communicate what my needs were.  It was a team effort and my mom, sister and Chad helped me through it all and we achieved my goal of having our baby naturally and with no epidural.  13 hours of intense back labor and I did it!!!

Here are a few photos of right after Ada was born.

Our family was waiting out in the waiting room all day and finally got to meet our sweet baby around 9:00pm Sunday night.  The next day we had so many visitors.  We felt so loved and blessed to have such great friends, family, and such a supportive church.  It takes a village to raise a child and we couldn’t ask for a better community to help us raise our sweet girl.

We were so blessed to have our friend Josh Reeder come visit and take some amazing photos of our baby on Monday.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Chad the swaddling master!

We named Miss Ada Carden Hill Tuesday morning as we were leaving the hospital.  I think we drove everyone crazy waiting to name her but I am so glad we did.  Her name suits her.  We just wanted to make sure the name fit.

Little Jacob

One of my best friends just had her second son.  She asked if I would take photos at the hospital, newborn shots, and design his announcement.

It was so cute seeing Jacob’s big brother be so concerned for his little brother.  He wanted to hold him the whole time and make sure everyone was gentle with him.

He was also very concerned for Mommy and wanted to make sure she was ok.  Crystal you make great babies!  😉

Welcome into the world little Jacob.  You are adorable and loved by so many people.