Get into that Chocolate!

Ok so I just came across this photo from Saturday night.  We went out for a little surprise dinner for my parents 30th wedding anniversary.  My cousin really got into his cake!  Get it buddy!

The family after dinner!

We went swimming instead.

So I was off last Saturday to take photos of my nephew. He turned two in November so we are a little late on his two year old pictures. I was really excited and he is just so stinking cute. I also had some really great places to take him. So i got to his house and the thought that was in the back on my mind all week came true. It was just too hot. The poor guy was sweating just standing there. So we went swimming instead. =) I love swimming so I was fine with the decision- but i was determined to take his picture. Here are some fun moments in the sun. His 4 year old brother joined us swimming. He is getting so handsome. Thanks to both of you for being so darn cute!

Busy Summer Here I Come . . .

So I’m really excited about everything that will be going on this summer. I have a couple weddings, several families, engagement photos and modeling photos that i will be taking this summer. Now that i think about all of that at one time- I get a tiny bit overwhelmed and really excited. Tomorrow i am taking my cousin’s 2 year pictures- which i am really excited about. He is adorable. I also plan if I have time to grab his brother and sister, dress them up in crazy “dress-up” outfits and get them acting goofy.

Sunday I am taking photos of a co-worker and her 3 nieces and nephews. It’s going to be a birthday present for her brother- which is a great idea. I plan on getting photos of the four of them together but also some of the kids by themselves. I know her brother will love it- I am also sure his wife will love his birthday present probably more than he will.

I met with Holly a few days ago. I am shooting her wedding in a few weeks. I am really excited about this wedding. Holly is super sweet and ready to get hitched! I think we found a cute park by the church to take photos at before and after the wedding. I’m going to go scout it out soon.

Alright- talk to you later! I will have lots of photos to post next week. I’m excited that i will be putting this blog to good use!

To all my blogger friends who are dedicated to their blog work- I commend you! Hopefully one day I will be as great a blogger as you. =)

It’s Time

Ok this is my official first blog! Woo Hoo! I will mainly be posting new photography updates and photos about my business. I will try my hardest to post several times a week but I’m not making any promises.

Ok this is not photography related . . . my first post in my photography blog and it’s not photography related. On another note it is. There is a photo involved, but its of me. So i ran the Country Music Marathon last Saturday. Boy I don’t think i have ever felt so much pain. It was a breeze until mile 10. Those last 3 miles were killer. Anyways I made it, along with several friends and family and it felt amazing! So anyways, several people informed me today that my photo was on the main page of the website. Wow. Why me out of 30,000 people. Someone gave me the advice to pose for the cameras- well i did and look where it got me! =) Make note . . . this photo was taken before mile 10. Alright until the next post.Here is a screen shot from my computer.

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