Baby Van

I went over last week to John and Stephanie’s house to take photos of their family and newborn baby Van. Stephanie and I actually graduated high school together and I had a great time catching up with her family. Just wanted to make sure everyone notices Van’s nursery. It should be in a magazine, or at least on Pinterest. Stephanie did an awesome job painting and decorating. Thanks again Steph for inviting me over to capture your little one. He’s precious and I love all his hair!

Van Holmes-1

Van Holmes-2

Van Holmes-3

Van Holmes-4

Van Holmes-5

Van Holmes-6

Van Holmes-7

Van Holmes-8

Van Holmes-9

Van Holmes-10

Van Holmes-11

Van Holmes-12

Van Holmes-13

Van Holmes-14

Van Holmes-15

Van Holmes-16

Van Holmes-17

Van Holmes-18

Van Holmes-19

Van Holmes-20

Ada Update

Here are a few of my favorite photos of Ada that were taken on my phone recently. Gosh she is the cutest. I miss her 30 min after she goes to bed and constantly sneak in to check on her. I think it’s probably because I am working during the day and only get a couple hours at night with her or it’s just because she is so cute and snugly to look at when she is sleeping.






Cole Wood: Newborn Photography

Chad and I have been friends with The Woods for almost 10 years now.  They had their third baby on our anniversary last year and I got to go visit them in the hospital and take a few photos.  I took these photos months ago but they are so sweet and special to me that I wanted to post them.  I can’t wait for Cole to get a little bigger so that he can play with Ada. He’s already a great friend because he shares his toys and never screams at Ada when she takes his stuffed Mickey.  Ada loves Mickey and Minnie right now! Anyways-  Brittany and Sam you have a beautiful family and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will be like.

Cole Wood-43

Cole Wood-9

Cole Wood-18

Cole Wood-23

Cole Wood-28

Cole Wood-38

Cole Wood-44

Sharing a little love

My little baby just turned one!  Sniff sniff.  I will be posting pics soon of her birthday party that is happening on Saturday but I wanted to share the cutest photo of her and her cousin Luke that I took earlier this week.  She loves Luke!


Look at that grin- Luke is making her laugh while Aunt Kim is holding her.


And here are a few photos of her I took when she was 11 months old.  I just want to say she really thought life was tough this day.  Only one nap does not do a baby good- especially if you are trying to have a photo session.  What were we thinking.  At least she is still really cute when she cries!  :)



Quick Christmas Update

Here are a few photos from Christmas that I took with my phone.  We had a great time and bounced back and forth between Chad’s parents and my parents houses.  Ada and I were a little sick this holiday (proud to say she is 7.5 months . . .WOW 7.5 months!!! . . . and this was the first time she has gotten sick) but we still had a great Christmas.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have an excellent New Year!

Ada in her Christmas outfit.  I designed this dress for her baptism in September and winterized it for Christmas.  It was hand made by my mom.

Merry Christmas from The Hills

I am a major wimp

These guys are insane!  Brave takes on a whole new meaning when I watch this.  Or maybe brave doesn’t cover it and crazy comes into play.

Montgomery Lee- Week 20

Randy and Montgomery Lee found out this week they are having a girl!!!!  I went to their revealing party and took her weekly photo there.

I am so excited that Ada will have another little girlfriend to play with soon!!!

Randy and Montgomery- you guys are so cute.

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