Melton Family

I just love this sweet family and am so glad I’m apart of their lives.  I can’t wait to watch Jon and Bethany’s kids grow up and look forward to the years ahead.  Thanks Melton’s for letting me photograph your cute family.

Melton Favorites-1

Melton Favorites-2

Melton Favorites-3

Melton Favorites-4

Melton Favorites-6

Melton Favorites-8

Melton Favorites-9

Melton Favorites-10

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Melton Favorites-12

Melton Favorites-13

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Melton Favorites-16

Where the Wild Things Are

If you haven’t seen Where the Wild Things Are I would recommend it for the awesome soundtrack and beautiful shots.  It really makes you want to go run out in the woods, yell, and play.  I shot these photos a few days before I saw the movie but as I was processing them later in the week I immediately thought of the movie.  I love these kids and I love how completely different their personalities are.  Thanks Felicia for coming back to me over and over again- I love watching your kids grow up and of course hanging out with you! 😉

Kids October 09-7

Kids October 09-1

Kids October 09-2

Kids October 09-4

Kids October 09-5

Kids October 09-3

Kids October 09-8

Kids October 09-9