Week 24

Week 24 was very busy and full of photo shoots, editing, slowly recovering from the cold/ flu thing from last week and teaching my first birthing class.  YES!  I said birthing class.

For those of you that don’t know I have been working since March to become a certified Childbirth Educator through ICEA.org.  I started my first 4 week Childbirth series on Monday and it was great.  I had a great time and hopefully my students did as well.  We will see when the class reviews come in. 😉

I am teaching Alpha Childbirth curriculum which is “everything that you would get at a hospital childbirth education class and MUCH more. You will learn how to stay low risk and what to expect in labor, but you will also learn how to make informed decisions, the truth about the “slippery slope” of interventions, why the United States’ c-section rate is one of the highest in the world and how best to avoid one, how to relax, how to stay in control (mentally and physically), how to rely on God’s word to stay focused, how to care for your infant and how to succeed at breastfeeding.”

It has been a goal of mine since Ada was born to attend more births as a birthing assistant/doula, photograph and video more births, and teach birthing classes.  So all you ladies expecting a sweet babe and are interested in taking a childbirth class let me know, or if you just want to talk about birth I love to do that too.  Here is to reaching goals!

Back to the weekly photo.  Brittany Wood took these for me this week.  Thanks pal!

Week 24-9 final

Week 24-1

Week 24-2

Week 24-3

Week 24-4

Week 24-5

Week 24-6

Week 24-7

Week 24-8

Week 23

We spent last week visting Chad’s parents in Houston, TX.  Chad and I stayed one night at a very nice bed and breakfast downtown: La Maison In Midtown which I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a place to stay in Houston.  The prices were very reasonable and it was so much nicer than staying at a hotel.  We wandered around Midtown and the Art District and found this awesome wall.  Even though I was sick most of the week we still had a great time with family and we got to swim at least once a day everyday in his parents awesome pool!

Week 23-8 final

Week 23-7

Week 23-6

Week 23-5

Week 23-2

Week 23-1

Week 23

So much happened this past week.  The little squirt was moving so much, I had my first shower that some lovely friends put on for me at the office, and I attempted to buy my first pair of maternity pants-  Gross!  I’m taking them back and sticking to a rubber band around my button to add an inch to the waist until I cant stand it anymore.  So anyways here is Week 23- she is the size of a large Mango- Our little Mango.  It’s still really weird to to compare our baby to a fruit but it’s also so helpful to visualize how big she is.  We are about to move out of the produce section for now.  I think only a pineapple, pumpkin, and watermelon can still compete.

Week 21

It’s bittersweet having my “LAST” of everything in anticipation of the arrival of our baby girl.  Last birthday, last Christmas, last New Year, last vacation as a couple.  I want to fit as much in as I can because I know everything is going to be a little bit more crazy and maybe a little bit harder come May but then I think about how we will then celebrate all of our “FIRSTS” together.   First baby’s birthday, first Christmas together, first family trip- I get excited.   Happy New Year to everyone!