Melton Family

I just love this sweet family and am so glad I’m apart of their lives.  I can’t wait to watch Jon and Bethany’s kids grow up and look forward to the years ahead.  Thanks Melton’s for letting me photograph your cute family.

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pretty fields and pretty families

Check out Jake’s smile below!  He is adorable!

I’m sitting here with my hot drink, heater on, and warm winter clothes on looking back at these photos I took this summer and already miss the warmth.

Maybe not the sweating.  But I’m not a fan of shivering in the cold and a tense body.

Tim and Nicole asked me to take photos of their family and Nicole and her brother in their uniforms this summer.  I was so honored that they asked me.  Isn’t their son Carter the cutest!

Here are a few photos of Nicole and her brother in their uniforms.




What started out as a family photo blog- ended up as a technological tangent.

Here are a few photos of a family that I took a couple weeks ago. I need to get back into this blog thing. Trying to keep up with this, Facebook, and Twitter is just too much. I tried logging into my My Space the other day and couldn’t remember my password or the email i signed up with to retrieve my password. . . . guess that account is finished. Twitter- I cant really get into- maybe I just don’t get it yet- or maybe I don’t feel like telling the world everything I am doing, but yet I like reading what other people are doing. I go back and forth. I’ve been really fickle lately. I blame it on my dog. Can I do that? She makes me crazy- once again my life is revolving around my dog. I need to do something about that. Anyways- tangent. Back to one of my good friends family photos. Jane thanks for setting the shoot up. I had lots of fun and hope you like them!