Josh O and the Lovely Leigh

I am so honored to work with such wonderful people.  I was so excited when Josh and Leigh asked me to document their wedding.  I have been friends with Josh since high school and actually went to high school with Leigh as well but we became great friends a few years ago.  Their ceremony was so beautiful and God was truly glorified and honored.  It was a true gift to be there.  Here are a few of my favorite moments from their special day.  Love you guys.


Lindsey and Aaron

Here is a sneak peak of Lindsey and Aaron’s wedding at Scarritt Bennett.  It was beautiful and so were the people involved.  Their families were so great to work with and we all had a blast.  I have been blessed to work with some of the greatest people.   Best of luck friends!  You guys are perfect for each other.


p.s.  I will be posting Week 21 belly shot tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned!

Josh and Jess

Here are a few photos from an awesome wedding I shot a little while ago.  Talk about paying attention to detail.  Check out her wedding planner, Tiffani Helms, summary of the event – She does an amazing job talking about all the little details Jess put into the wedding.  I had a blast taking the photos- it doesn’t help that they were so easy to work with.  Thanks again guys for letting me be apart of your special day.

Small town country meets high fashion.

Blake and Lindsey got engaged and few months ago.  I was so honored when they asked me to take their wedding, engagement, and bridal photos.  I have known Lindsey for many many years and have just gotten to know Blake over the past year.  Blake is a sweet, down to earth, country boy and Lindsey is an awesome hair stylist and always has the cutest clothes!  It’s so great to see them interact.  =)  It’s cute really!  So here are a few engagement photos which are awesome- and Lindsey’s  bridal portraits are finished but are torturing me because I can’t post them!  AHHH!  She looks amazing in her dress.

Lindsey and Blake-1

Lindsey and Blake-2

Lindsey and Blake-7

Lindsey and Blake-10

Lindsey and Blake-62

Lindsey and Blake-9

And last but definitely not least- my favorite!!!!  It’s so Calvin Klein with a Megan Twist.

Lindsey and Blake-8

The Carpenter’s Reception

Jason and Leslie had their wedding reception at Cellar 1 in Downtown Nashville.  This place had a really intimate and unique feel.  Here are a few of my favorite moments of the night.  Thanks guys for letting me be apart of your fun evening!







P.S. We had an Alabama Groom’s Cake at our wedding and Jason’s blew ours out of the water!  Awesome cake!!!!

Happy Anniversary!

I have had several couples ask me to take their one year anniversary photos in their wedding attire.  This is an awesome idea for those who

a. Want to wear their dress again

b. Didn’t have a lot of time on their wedding day to take couple photos

c.  It’s just fun to hear people on the street yell “congratulations” or “you look beautiful!”

So I present to you the Strunks- Happy One Year Anniversary.  Hope you love the photos, you guys look great!









I love taking bridal portraits because you can take your time- (except when its about to rain), get the lighting right, get some sweet shots of the bride, and it also takes away an element of stress from the wedding day because its one less thing to cram in.   The one draw back is I can’t post them till after the wedding!!!! Here is Jennifer Conley’s bridal portraits.  She married Chad at The Hermitage (Andrew Jackson’s home) in a quaint, candlelit,  little chapel.  It was very romantic.  We went to the Hermitage a month before the wedding and took her bridal portraits in one of the gardens.  They turned out amazing.  Brides- this is an amazing place to get married if you love gardens or little chapels. Let me know what you think.

Jennifer Conley Bridal-1

Jennifer Conley Bridal-27

Jennifer Conley Bridal-37

Jennifer Conley Bridal-57

Jennifer Conley Bridal-62

More favorites.

I was going through and putting my favorite 24 photos together for a little purse album for Ty and Adam.  How can I pick my favorite 24 photos- they all look so good.  I thought I had posted some of my very favorites but as I was going through I found some more- imagine that!  Here they are.  Stay tuned for some more posts soon- I have some engagement photos and family photos to post from the past couple weeks.  I am also shooting my friend Jessica’s bridal portraits this Saturday- I’ll check to see if her fiance ever checks blogs.  I might have to wait until Sept to post her bridal shoot.

More favs!


The Kiss!!