Tim and Diana Sneak Peak

I just love working with my friends.  I feel like I say that all the time but I have been so blessed to work with so many friends and family over the years.

Diana and I have been friends for 8 or 9 years now.  We went to college together, go to church together, worked together, lived together, vacationed together. . .  We have shared a lot of great memories together and I am so honored that she asked me to photograph her wedding.  There were so many great photos it was hard to choose just a couple to post.  Can’t wait to post more later.  Tim and Di – you are awesome and I wish you nothing but the best and lots of happiness!  Love you guys!

Gillian Wedding lores-8

Gillian Wedding lores-11

Gillian Wedding lores-4

Gillian Wedding lores-6 Gillian Wedding lores-7

Gillian Wedding lores-9

Gillian Wedding lores-12

Gillian Wedding lores-14

Gillian Wedding lores-15

Gillian Wedding lores-16

Gillian Wedding lores-17

Gillian Wedding lores-18

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